Labeling of Documents

Labeling of Documents - If the document is concealed in an envelope, then confidential is only needed on the envelope. If not concealed, then the document must be labeled as "Confidential".

Documents/Envelopes That Need To Be Labeled As Confidential Include:

  • ADA Documentation
  • Anything EAP
  • Beneficiary Selection Information
  • Confidential Letters Of Recommendation
  • Credit Bureau Information
  • Credit Card Information
  • Criminal Investigation Information
  • Deceased Students
  • Departmental Violation Letters
  • EEO Cases
  • Employee Relations Cases/ Investigative Analysis
  • Exit Interviews
  • Financial Information Of Students And/Or Parents
  • FML Documentation
  • Fraudulent Records Information
  • Garnishment Information
  • Grievance Cases
  • Individual Deposit Account Information
  • Lawsuits
  • Legal Matters
  • Litigation Information Via Internal Staff And 3rd Party Service Providers
  • Medical Diagnoses
  • Pay/Hiring Recommendations
  • Police Report Log
  • Salary Information Collected From Former Students
  • Student Disability Information
  • Student Discipline Information
  • Student Medical Information, Including Psychological And Physical
  • Students In The Witness Protection Program
  • Students Who Have Had Sex Changes
  • Students Who Have Requested That All Their Directory Information Is Restricted
  • Subpoenas For Student Records
  • Tax Record Information Of Students And/Or Parents
  • Unemployment Compensation Responses
  • Veteran's Records