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March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

“Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths.”
– World Health Organization

“If caught at its earliest stages, colorectal cancer is 90 percent curable.”
– National Cancer Institute

Purdue University’s Center for Healthy Living (CHL), in conjunction with Cologuard® and Exact Sciences, is providing no-cost, noninvasive colon cancer screenings to qualifying benefits-eligible Purdue employees and spouses covered on a Purdue health plan.*

Cologuard detects 92 percent of colorectal cancers with 87 percent specificity.

The screening process

In six easy steps, you can easily take care of your colon cancer screening:

  1. Complete a pre-screening questionnaire on the Healthy Boiler Portal.
  2. CHL staff will do outreach following questionnaire completion to schedule an appointment.
  3. After the appointment at the CHL, Cologuard kit will be delivered to patient homes.
  4. Patient completes and returns the Cologuard kit to Cologuard/Exact Sciences in a prepaid envelope via US mail.
  5. Results will be delivered to the CHL.
  6. CHL staff will contact patient to discuss results. (Follow-up appointment and / or referral to specialist may be necessary for those with abnormal results.)

More information

For more information on Purdue’s screening program, visit or call 765-494-0111.

*Cologuard is not for high-risk individuals, including those with a history of colorectal cancer and advanced adenoma, a family history of colorectal cancer, IBD or certain hereditary syndromes. Individuals will complete a pre-screening questionnaire via the Healthy Boiler Portal to determine eligibility for the university’s screening program. All individuals who complete a pre-screening questionnaire will receive guidance from a CHL provider in regards to next best steps.