Crime Prevention Tips

Rape, armed robbery and battery are examples of crime directed against individuals. Law enforcement officials have developed techniques to minimize the danger of fallng victim to such crimes. The common thread running through their advice is simple: remain alert and attentive to potential danger, don't put yourself at risk and report suspicious incidents to the police.

Realize that sex crimes are not limited to rape and sexual assault. Other types of offensive and unacceptable behavior are crimes and should be dealt with accordingly. Exhibitionists, Peeping Toms and persons who make obscene or harassing phone calls could be subject to criminal charges. Although such persons often do not carry out physical attacks, you have no assurance that they will not. Don't take chances. Report all incidents to the police.

Purdue is committed to maintaining the campus as a place of work and study for faculty, staff and students free from all forms of harassment. Harassment in the workplace or the educational environment is unacceptable conduct ane will not be tolerated. (See Executive Memorandum No. C-33).

The Purdue Police Department encourages you to read and heed these suggestions for preventing crime. Invest in your own safety and security.