Autonomous Transportation

Ethical, Legal, and Societal Implications

Our transportation system will likely undergo major transformation in the coming decades as technology allows us to move people and freight in safer and more efficient ways. Autonomous vehicles will be a part of this future, and will have far-reaching societal and political impact that must be understood.

Interdisciplinary teams will be the key to assessing this shift in transportation norms, examining the economics, design, ethics, policies and legalities necessary to enable a more connected and mobile society.

Literature Review

Preliminary Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Connected and Autonomous Transportation Vehicles (CATV)

Policy Brief

Ethical, Social and Legal Issues: The Future for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

DC Roundtable Event

The Global Challenges Roundtable Series - Examining The Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of a Driverless Future

Policy Review

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles:
A Policy Review
Prepared by Caitlin A. Surakitbanharn
and S. Laurel Weldon